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The "Hundertwasser-Award"

Hundertwasser-Award 2008

From left to right: Christian Ude, Town Major of Munich, the winner of the award Karlheinz Böhm, “Menschen für Menschen”, and Ernst Frost, Chairman of the Board - WaterFoundation

Award winner 2008

On the 4th of January 2008 the International Hundertwasser Prize was given to Karlheinz Böhm in the Munich City Hall. The prize awarded by the WaterFoundation recognized the work of the foundation “Menschen für Menschen”. For 26 years it supports self determined development in Ethiopia. With the construction of wells and spring tappings close to villages, “Menschen für Menschen” has provided hygienic living conditions to many people. 1,121 watering places, 43 irrigation plants and 65 water reservoirs provided people in the project area of more than 38.700 km2 with drinking water.
The honoric speech was given by the Town Major of Munich, Mr. Christian Ude. Prof. Dr. Peter Wilderer gave a speech on the topic of Water while Annette Betz from the Bavarian Television presented the ceremony.
For more information on “Menschen für Menschen” and Karlheinz Böhm:

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Hundertwasser-Award 2005

From left to right: the winners of the award Dr. Pablo Osses and Dr. Robert Schemenauer, Ernst Frost, Chairman of the Board – WaterFoundation, Prof. Dr. Albert Göttle, President of the Bavarian Environment Agency

Award winner 2005

On the 24th of October 2005 the International Hundertwasser Prize was given to the Canadian organization "FogQuest" in the city hall of Munich.  FogQuest is an innovative and international organization in Canada. It is a non-profit and registered charity. FogQuest was founded according to the law of the Province of Ontario in the year 2000 by Sherry Bennett and Dr. Bob Schemenauer.  FogQuest builds upon the experience gained since 1987 to use fog as a sustainable water resource to fight the water poverty. The focus lies on the installation and use of fog collectors. They are inserted primarily in areas of South America and Africa, in which neither wells nor rivers are available, but the fog portion in the air is very high. The nets also catch rain water. With their unique techniques, FogQuest gives people in arid regions of the world a source of clean and mineral rich water. For more information on FogQuest, please visit:

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Hundertwasser-Award 2003

Winner of the award 2003 „Il tucul“ President Dr. Paolo Stoffella (left) and Dr. Kurt Mühlhäuser, chairman of the executive board of Munich City Utilities SWM

Award winner 2003

The International Hundertwasser Prize was given to the non-profit organization “IL Tucul” from the province Trento in Italy. Named after the Eritrean round huts”Tukul”, the non-profit organization was awarded for its unorthodox and exemplary approach for a sustainable water supply. Its commitment began in1994 in the south Tyrolean village Vallarsa.  Since that time more and more people follow  the “ IL Tucul” experts by taking their vacations in the poorest villages of Eritrea and with pick and spade help the locals to “self-help”.

The Prize in form of a Hundertwasser-Certificate was honoured to the Stadtwerke München GmbH for its exemplary way to provide the state capital  with water and its sustainable success to protect  drinking water. Due to its water protection initiative "Öko-Bauer", the largest connected ecologically operated area of 2650 hectares in Germany was developed.

Hundertwasser-Award 2001


Wolfgang Buchner (right), Ernst Frost (middle), WaterFoundation, and Horst Kreis (left), receiving the award for AEG

Award winner 2001

Wolfgang Buchner was awarded with the Hundertwasser Prize for his commitment of many years to improve the potable water supply of humans in rural regions of South America.  20 years of his work has created more than 10,000 "Buchner-Wells", providing today more than 200,000 people with clean drinking water.

As the first company in its industry sector, AEG GmbH at an early stage, emphasised ecology and environmental protection on the producing and marketing of their machines. The award received by AEG was for both the achievement to reduce the consumption of detergent as well as water. The enterprise could for example reduce the water requirement of their washing machines from over 90 litres in the beginning of the 80's to 39 litres with its latest model, the Öko-Lavamant . The current dishwasher Öko- Favorite uses 10-15 litres per wash cycle compared with 38 litres in the year 1981.

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