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Water is the source of all life. Water determines our living conditions through climate and weather and ensures our well-being and nutrition. Clean water is the basis for any kind of social, economical and cultural development. The quality of water and its local availability is crucial to peoples. Clean water is, however, becoming increasingly scarce throughout the world. 1, 2 bn people already today are lacking access to clean water. More than five million people die every year from polluted water. Most of them are children.

We want to secure the future of people in rural regions.
The WaterFoundation is a registered and charitable organization that provides assistance to people in regions with insufficient or polluted drinking water so that they may help themselves. We support mainly projects in rural regions and we make sure that first of all families, women and children may profit. We focus on the project WaterSchool. We aim to spread it worldwide. Here, children learn – in practice and theory – how to utilize existing and as yet untapped water resources in a sustainable manner.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama,
Patron of the WaterFoundation

"Clean water is one of the basic requirements for life. Consequently, disputes over access to water and water sources are one of the most fundamental causes of human conflict. Therefore, the work of the Waterfoundation in providing clean water to people in various countries where it is desperately needed is not only a precious gift in itself, but also substantially contributes to peace in the world. I believe this work is very worthy of support".

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